Frequently Asked Questions

Should I share my login information with others and can I make copies of question sets for other teams?

Copyright law prohibits sharing information or making additional copies of questions for anyone who is not a registered user. Any profits from the sale of the Bible Fact-Pak Membership go back into the ministry. See End User License Agreement.

Why can't I print questions?

Be sure you are connected to the Internet to generate, display, and print questions. Also, double check that your printer is on and connected to your computer.

What if I forget my username?

Go to the Forgot Username page and follow the instructions to help retrieve your login information.

Will I be able to change my username?

Your password and email address can be changed at any time in the My Account page; however, the User Name must remain the same.

How many question sets can I generate? Rounds?

You can generate as many sets as you would like, with up to 16 rounds or as few as 1 round.

Note: The length of time required for the system to generate a set will increase as the number of rounds increases.

Can I save question sets?

Yes, question sets are automatically saved once they have been generated. You will find that list in the side bar on the Question Set Generator page. Also, there is an option to save generated questions, to your computer, as a PDF.

Note: Please remember all copyright laws apply to printed and saved questions sets. See End User License Agreement.

How do I print the question sets?

Questions can be printed by downloading an Adobe® PDF. Adobe Reader is required. Download Adobe Reader here.