Question Set Generator

The Question Set Generator is an extension of the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards, randomly drawing from all 576 questions. This powerful tool aids in learning and studying the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards and ultimately the Bible. When you sign up to use this tool, you will gain the ability to:

Generate practice questions

Generate custom question sets

Generate match question sets

Filter questions by Bible themes

Generate Bible Master Testing program

Save and print sets and results

Bible Fact-Pak Question Card Resources

Helping kids hide God's Word in their hearts is fun and easy with Bible Fact-Pak questions! There are several resources available to help your kids learn God’s Word more effectively through these questions.

Compete against yourself

Bible Master Award

Achieve this prestigious award at your own pace by mastering the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards. There are different steps on this journey, but by the end you will be able to effectively answer all of the 576 Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards.

Compete in community

Junior Bible Quiz

Join thousands of other elementary-aged kids around the country as they compete in teams to master the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards and to become the best in the nation! Find a team in your area or start one, and begin working your way to the top!